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About Us

LEX Association was founded in 1998. Its main and permanent task is to defend the interests of legal gun owners of all categories, whether they own guns for self-defense, sport or hunting, for their profession or occupation, or for collection purposes.

Our Goal

To preserve the right of every citizen to hold weapons, and prevent a significant limitation of this right, as has happened in Great Britain, Germany, Austria and elsewhere.

How Do We Achieve This?

By publicising our goals and activities in the media, and by raising support for our goals amongst influential personalities, including the Members of Parliament. We aim to establish appropriate contacts with shooting organizations, hunting associations and similar organizations in our country, to be able to speak with one voice.

Presently, we also closely co-operate with Legis Telum in Slovakia, and have informal contacts with IWÖ in Austria and The Sportsman’s Association in Great Britain.

Competition LOS

LOS is the Czech acronym for The People’s Defensive Shooting, which is a shooting contest for the general public. This discipline, developed by LEX on the basis of IDPA, aims to deepen the shooting and tactical skills of normal gun owners and instill in them the habits of safe firearms handling.



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